Monday, June 27, 2005

Your own private Idaho...

More vacation pics to come Tuesday. I promise. I swear. I'm better with deadlines. In the meantime:

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Does "Bell Curve" make anyone else shudder??? It guarantees me at least one nightmare a month. I can't decide which are more stressful--the UT version or the dental school version...

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

There'll be an orange tower in Austin tonight!

Yes! The Eyes of Texas were upon another national championship this weekend. In the College World Series, it was initially just a hope that either Baylor or Texas was going to win this year. After the first run in the first game against Baylor, we knew it. They had it at hello. The baseball team lit the tower #1 tonight, dominating the rest of the Omaha field. National title #45 for Texas highlights a current streak that I dare anyone to try to beat:

Football: Four straight ten win seasons, including the Rose Bowl win and a #4 rank this year.
Baseball: Six NCAA titles (second only to USC), four straight trips to the CWS (in the finals three of four years--winning two)
Basketball: Seven straight NCAA Tourney bids with a final four trip, and a hell of a team waiting to start the season with this year's #2 national recruit in tow
Women's Basketball: Seven straight NCAA bids with a final four the same year as the men's
Softball: Three trips to the World Series in seven years with a top three finish this year
Women's Track: Title this year makes #5!

Plus, Cat Osterman is a major hottie!

Texas doesn't specialize in an area or two. They're good at everything.


Who only thought they produced great doctors?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

You can not get away...

Texas set another college standard Monday with its record 75th win in College World Series History. Actually, not just a win. It was a dominating, shut out performance against the team considered #1 in the country, Tulane. Bring on Baylor!

Hook 'em Horns!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

No one can tell me that I'm doing wrong today

The morning of our last full day in Mexico was spent swimming with the dolphins. I personally think that people are drawn to dolphins is because they have smiling faces. Permanently. Sea lions and seals can do more cute tricks. Otters look cuddly and float on their backs while ingeniously using rocks to crack open their food. Killer whales can I.D. you on the deck of your whaling boat and track you down relentlessly until they've exacted their deadly revenge. Oh. Whoops. Yeah, everyone likes a playful, mischievous, wanna-be-friends-with-the-humans delfino. What else could the smile mean??? I think a walrus is more my speed, but whatever.

Hey! Looking at the website, we didn't get to do the "hurdle" or the "free time." *grumble* Nevertheless, it was fun. We were delayed for quite a while because the dolphins didn't want to cooperate. The guides kept telling us that they couldn't force the dolphins to interact with us. What a time for Allen to not have his gun. I wanted to suggest letting us swim out there, taking the ice buckets of fish that were all around. That would garner us some attention. Didn't these trainers have any modern wisdom in bribery? Maybe that's an American parent thing. They also kept comparing the fish (whoops--mammals!) to adolescents. No way. I looked and looked and looked, but none of them were sulking.

One last note. There were lots of tropical fish swimming nonchalantly around with the dolphins as well. Someone asked why the dolphins weren't interested in eating them? The guide's reply was, "Why work for your food when you can eat at McDonald's?" Why indeed? Fresh food swimming around them in abundance, but they're slaving for our entertainment and one dead, ice-cold fish at a time. These dolphins are retarded.

They made us all smile with child-like joy, excessively:

In an unrelated matter: Why would Stevie Wonder want to be courtside at an NBA game?

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