Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Layin' cable ... *chortle*

I drove by the property today after work. I drove by yesterday, too, but it was all the same. Today there was a change. Still no "SOLD" sign anywhere, but there were orange flags demarcating buried cable. Or so they said:

And this spray paint-on-grass offering. How permanent is that? (As if we'd be graced by a storm tonight). I wonder why they need a splice here. This is between two lots. Did they not forsee a home on each one?

Me and the line of flags/paint line:

I haven't heard from the builder in two days. I wonder if he doesn't like me anymore. Shouldn't the foundation be poured by now? Seriously, though, I'm looking for that sold sign and maybe a R.J. Wachsman Homes sign. These flags were exciting progress (I'm not kidding) but a sign will send me over the top. Not Texas-winning-the-national-championship-over-the-top, but way up there.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Got a honey jar stuck on my nose

2318 Rathgeber Road is going to be my new address! I signed a contract today (Friday). I've officially bought a lot and a new house. It seems like it's taken forever to get to this point. Maybe longer than that for those with whom I drove by this special lot on the corner of Stone Lake Drive and Rathgeber Road umpteen months ago. (Speculation is not yet over! In fact, it's probably been ratcheted up a level.) Then alone, driving by, and driving by, and driving by. Looking at it in the green of the summer and the brown of winter, seeing if it's different when it's 105 degrees as opposed to 103, checking to see what it looked like in a rainstorm and in then in the fog. Not worrying that it would be sold away before the right time, but knowing that if it were to be mine it would be there. (But wondering, after all, it if were to be mine!) And now, after a hold and wait, it is! Recognizing it's through nothing that I've accomplished, but as a result of it being poured for me.

Me on the lot from the west. There's an empty lot between mine and the existing house in the background:

From the southwest corner. Of course--love the lamp post. I don't think I'll be throwing any rocks at the bulb. Surely those days are past. The house in the background to my right is my katty corner backyard neighbor:

You can't really tell anything from this picture. Actually, you probably can't tell anything from any of these, but humor me. The west side of the house will be in line with that of the distant one in the background. The lot is 150' deep and 100' wide:

Across the street looking South, which would be out the front door. There are some estates over there with nicely cleared out land that is interspersed with wild mesquites. I think it's beautiful in the summer, and it smells great. It smells sweet and a bit sticky like the fields we used to play in. (Not to be confused with fields in North Carolina, which smell sweetly of dookie):

Accidentally shooting myself when setting the timer on the cam. Rickerrific!

A shout out to Shanny Skillz who pounced on my new profile photo (since modified slightly) that was taken in post-signing jubilation at the site.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Something to pass the time

While my contract is being reviewed:

I am nerdier than 18% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I'm less of a nerd than I thought. I wonder if this is good or bad. Wondering this probably raises my score a bit--good thing the test is over. I'll have my new home's address with my next post! Meanwhile, for those of us creeped out by aliens: http://www.cowabduction.com/ The picture on page 4 (bottom middle) is astounding.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

March Madness!

...of another kind. I'm going mad already and nothing's been decided yet. I'm used to being the provider and not necessarily the decision maker. I've made a minor decision or two. Those in my immediate periphery would laugh, since I ask opinions of anyone that can form a complete sentence. Decisions? One side of my kitchen will look faintly like this:

But omit the corner pantry and the somewhat useless counter at the very end of the kitchen. Include double oven and microwave/vent hood over the stove. I want a gas stove. Does anyone have an opinion on the difference between an electric or gas double oven? I mention to my mother that those are all drawers from the oven to the pantry.

The other side has a space for the refrigerator at the far corner with an independent ice maker next to it. The counter with view of the living room will be about a foot shorter. I don't think that the island will include nonsense room for display.

I do want a built in entertainment center in the living room. This is an example:

I've moved the fireplace to the corner like this example. Who buys a television this small? Not me! I'll have to decide on my TV way beforehand, and then we'll build cabinetry around it. Hopefully, I'll be able to hide the Gamecube and Xbox 360 on some shelves underneath the movie screen. That's a funny thing to remember for anyone attending UT in the 80's. Dobie Theater in Dobie Center, a.k.a. the "Hebrew Hotel" showed movies on screens that were about the size of the TV I want. That wouldn't go over today, at all. I know I watched "Lost in America" there. "Say it! Say it! Say 'I lost the nest-egg.' Go on, say it!" Oh, man. This is classic good stuff. Check it out!

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