Thursday, December 14, 2006

Meowy Christmas

I laid out my tree lights and tested them last night. I removed all the pesky blinkers, for once. Tooter stepped out and did the Meow Mix commercial. She's crazy like that. I screwed around with my camera and the lights. Not trying to be artsy, just messing around.

I remember in childhood how it seemed like it was a big deal whether the lights were going to work from year to year. Going through, painstakingly, light by light to find out which light was burned out. Why wouldn't they work if one was gone? Is it a series vs. parallel issue? Why would they make lights like that?? Wow, I also remember that we used to put c-7 lights on the tree. They had these individual aluminum reflectors shaped like stars and such on each light. It all put out a lot of heat. I vaguely remember having one of these...i think. You'd put it near your tree, where it could shine the slowly spinning color wheel on it and whatever else is in the room. I think that the effect was more spectacular if you had a flocked tree, or one made entirely of tinsel. As usual, I need more. A hallway full isn't enough.

Current music: Pet Shop Boys: I Want A Dog

Monday, December 11, 2006

Bummin around this old town for way too long

I found out a super easy way to get a lot of attention from a lot of women. Buy wooden hangers. You can increase the attention by making silly comments like, "It's all I'm giving for Christmas." Maybe not. I didn't really care--I was just out to solve a problem. My whole life, I've hated to have shoulder nipples. I've never noticed that anyone that I'm talking to has them, but I can't leave my shirts alone if I know I've got them. So, in an effort to eliminate just one of my tics, No More Wire Hangers! Super happy fun in my new closet!

In other news, nearly all the problems in the house have been resolved. The faulty microwave took stamina and repeated upon repeated calls. The replacement of the washing machine took a second in-person unhappy customer visit at the store. Just some patience and persistence is all, but the a/v man is begging to find out that those virtues are all used up. The electrical problems between the living room, kitchen and utility room haven't exactly resolved yet and I'm beginning to be inclined to think that some component in the theatre setup is the real culprit. Who knows? I do know that I've been in this house a month now (yay!) and they're still jacking around. Time's up!

current music: Vince Guaraldi: Linus and Lucy