Friday, August 25, 2006

Warning: Colored objects in these pictures may seem brighter than they actually are!

Here is the view from the dining room toward the living room:

Now then, who said anything about crimson??? True, that dynastic team unlike any other in its prowess is worthy of attention and honor, and I do have a special place in my heart for them. I only lived in Alabama for a year though, and I hardly think that that merits The Tide a room in my house. This color is "Claret," with one "t." (You Buckeyes hush your mouths.)

The painters made an error that I probably won't correct. The jury is out and The Buckeye hasn't seen it yet. The red wall parallel to the long axis of this picture is supposed to be the gold color instead. Tile flooring is going to run straight down the hallway here and there will be wood to the left in the dining room and to the right in the living room. The column and the far wall are supposed to be red, as they are. What think ye? Looking back, this would make the red wall in the first picture gold instead. I know it's hard to tell from pictures. We'll see.

The mantle stands out more now. Laura wanted to know what was going above it. I think a painted portrait of Tina and Laura holding Madeline would work famously.

My bedroom. I like it even better now that the trim has separated the walls from the ceiling. Y'all were right. Again.

A picture of the trim in The Shrine. I think it looks great! It's going to look even better when I have my autographed Earl Campbell jersey and Ricky Williams Zig Zags framed. I've actually go so much stuff to fill up this room that the walls probably won't be visible in the end. GUN LEFT JACK MENU #2! Angus would want to spend all his time in this room.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Listen with your eyes

So then, here are some color swatches. The mantle and trim are some bone-ish color:

This is the dining room ceiling. The dining room walls are not going to be this color:

The utility room:

The front bedroom, which will probably be the primary guest room:

The Master of the House's bathroom:

The burnt orange study/game room:

The secondary guest room:

The living room ceiling. I can't remember if the walls will be the same:

The Master of the House's Bedroom:

It's really shocking to walk in to these colors and think of living here. I think it'll look a ton different when it's all painted and there is actually lighting in the rooms. Then there will be another change when furniture gets put in, if I can afford any.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hell Yes

Here are more pictures of my glorious wood. Here is a not-so-close-up of my drawers. Too bad I'm not inventive enough tonight to keep it up with the euphemisms.

The kitchen cabinets. The hole is for the vent a hood. Below it, the stove slot protrudes slightly. Immediately to the right is a space for the double oven. Above that, storage for cookbooks, I suppose. Lord knows I'll need some instruction if I want to use this kitchen. A pantry is to the right of the ovens...then the door to the garage and utility room:

The island with more drawers. I love the corner column decoration:

Shelves in the study. You'll see tomorrow that this room is now burnt orange. Hook 'em Horns! Does everyone know I'm going to the Ohio State game with a buckeye and two crazy teens?(Carson, you act like a teen...and then there's Laura).

The entertainment center in The Master's Bedroom. I am the master of my domain. Yes:

The cabinetry in The Master's Bathroom:

The launderette. I'm taking a picture from where I plan to put a freezer:

My wall of entertainment. I'll be needing on of those foam TV Bricks for when I play Bobby in Xbox football, or Randy in anything:

As alluded to above, I now not only have luscious carmel-colored wood, but also painted walls and ceilings! I didn't realize, really, that I was going to be living in colored boxes but it sounds fun. I have an awesome interior decorator. I hope she does as good on the furnishings...

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Have you seen me lately?

All I have time to post today is the exterior of the hoose. When I got back from Austin on Saturday, they had deposited brick in the back yard. That means they should be bricking the flowerbeds and/or mailbox soon. I need to remember to ask Randy W. where my house number is...

They finished the stain and had the cabinets all taped off, and some of the walls primed. I assume that they'll be painting today and into the week! I'll post more pics tomorrow...or soon.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wanna see my wood?

Here ya go!

Just a couple of pics to tease. I've got to be in Austin for a few days into the weekend, but I'll share more when I get back. I finally got my camera replaced. Now, if only Dell would send me the new computer. Damn thieves.

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