Monday, January 22, 2007

You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!

I saw Rocky Balboa last night. It was a good movie. More than anything, it verifies what I already knew. The 80's kick this sorry decade's ass! Does anyone have a copy of "First Blood?"

I guess it remains a constant that the Mavs still come up short.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Keep your memories in your shoes

The weather's finally cold enough for me! Not really, but it's icy for a day or two, at least. I wouldn't be truly happy unless it iced and snowed so bad that I couldn't leave the house. Then again, if that happened I wouldn't be able to have company. I had a fire. Tooter's not in this picture, but she's taken to sitting on this ottoman in front of the fire. No doubt, the warmest place in the house.

And I made chicken and dumplings. I hammed it up for the camera, not realizing that I had taken my sweatshirt off. Trashy. This was Paula Deen's recipe. I'm messing with water and flour. This is the only recipe of hers that doesn't call for a stick of butter.

Laura helped me tear up the dumplings and put them in the soup. I think part of the fun of making food is eating half of it on the way.

I'm hoping that next time, she brings a new dumpling recipe for us to make. These weren't doughy enough. It was more like chicken soup with large noodles, aldente. The taste was good enough, but it wasn't the pleasing cold weather effect that I had aimed for. Couldn't have had better company, however. That's a million dollar smile, no?

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Can I be unhappy? Listen and agree...

Between truck commercials, the Buckeyes tried for the football national championship Monday night. It didn't play out the way we wanted. There's been a rash of that lately with our favorite football teams. At least it wasn't for lack of effort on our part @ Rathgeber.

Pre-game: There was an imminent "i" dotting on the big screen.

It made for a good photo op:

Hopefully, this was the last of the holiday "I'm a turkey, so I stuffed myself" party season. In the foreground are Paula Deen's pecan-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates. Yeah, they're good. We also had Brian's cheese dip and Allen's guacamole, then pizza. At least some of us had pizza. Then Bobbie's blackberry cheesecake. And a cookie from Carson. And more guacamole.

All that, plus the general cruddiness of disappointment might make a fitful night of sleep. Nah. I'll dream about something good. :O)

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